Techno FX Riser & Horn

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We are proud to introduce you our latest techno weapon !!
The amazing TECHNO FX, RISER & HORN is going tone your new-go to sample collection for amazing sound effects.
If you know anything about great techno music, you definitely know how important it is to get some killer sound effects as a way to build up the mix and create more musical tension. Great effects can help producers build up their arrangements, highlight part changes, and generally, create some amazing accents whenever they need to really bring their game to the next level.
The TECHNO FX, RISER & HORN is also an amazing opportunity to add some otherworldly textures to your songs.

There are many alien and atmospheric effects, not to mention noise loops, as well as miscellaneous effects that will help you build more dynamics.
In detail expect to find: 22 Alien FX, 101 Atmospheric Fx perfect to give more depth and movement, 55 FX, 40 Noise Fx useful for breakdown and drop, 29 Riser Fx, and
one of the best components of the sample pack is the collection of synth horns, which also enable users to bring more analog synth melodies to their sound, even with a bit of an old-school feel that’s quite unmistakable!

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• 101 ATMO FX
• 55 FX
• 29 RISE FX

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