9OP Dark Texture Efx Vol2

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If you like dark mood, this is the sample pack to look for. 

9OP is an exciting producer who has showcased his ability to spread out in different directions time and time again. 

From lush and cinematic soundscapes down to big and powerful techno tones, anything goes. 

One of the main challenges of modern electronic music producers is to bring some depth to their production. Working “In the box” has many benefits. 

The flexibility of making music digitally is incredible, but one of the drawbacks is that we end up working in a creative environment that might feel a bit aseptic and sterile. 

In order to counteract this, it can be a great idea to employ darker textures, and EFX sounds to add a bit more of an organic, unpredictable edge to your productions. 

This sample pack features a huge range of fantastic textures and effects, which can help you add interest and detail to your production without necessarily compromising when it comes to the versatility of your flow. 

The sample pack features 200 textures, giving producers a vast range of options. In addition, you’ll find 30 hits and 100 EFX sounds!

Get the Techno Texture Loops sample taster pack!

  • 100 EFX 
  • 30 HITS
  • 200 TEXTURES

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