Dub Techno Intention

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Dub Techno Intention is all about the space, which can be a “breath of fresh air” to those that want their music or tracks to have more “breathing room”.

You want to add new depths or more of a spacial and experimental vibe to your current works, then this House of Loop pack is for you!

Broaden your horizons with the following which is exclusively at 114BPM.

10 background loops that can remain as background, or could play a part in the forefront of your creations. 15 EFX loops will add diversity, 20 of the following bass shots that have just the right amount of “oomph” to be felt, clap shots to create more of a rhythm and dance feeling.  Hat shots that are crisp and just right to cut through the mix, but still retain ambiance. Kick shots that have just enough low end to where they are not bleeding into the atmosphere, Percussion shots that allow for more control of the beats, and Synth shots which assist in varying how you would like the overall experience or flow of the compositions; Generally Dub Techno can be the type of music where one closes their eyes and experiences the sounds; the included Synth shots aid in making that spacial combination work.

40 more bass loops are included so you can really experiment. 51 pad Loops to allow more diversity, 52 synth loops that expand on the possibilities of what the synth and pad loops can allow, Lastly, 150 drum loops all in: full kit, hi-hat only, kick&clap only, no-kick, and percussion only.

If you are around musicians or anyone who composes music, there is a saying, “It is not always what you play, but what you don’t play.” Pauses are also parts of compositions and can greatly affect the structure of a song. With all of the above, you can have them pulsate in and out of the mix allowing for those breaks and more time for the listener to take in your composition. There are more ways for expression with the addition of the dub decay on the loops.

For those of you that think Dub Techno is your intention, this one’s for you from House of Loop.

  • 570MB
  • All loops are at 114 BPM
  • 30 drum loops divided in full/hi hats/kick&clap/no kick/perc
  • 40 bass loops
  • 51 pad loops
  • 52 synth loops
  • 10 background
  • 15 efx
  • 20 bass shots
  • 20 synth shots
  • 20 kick shots
  • 20 hat shots
  • 20 per shots
  • 20 clap shots
  • 40 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24, Kontakt & NNXT
  • 4 Drum Battery Patches

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