Deep And Dub Techno

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Deep & Dub Techno it’s the perfect sample pack for all the users that are looking for a sound that goes on the direction of the berlinese’s house and techno style. 

The groovy drums and percussions can also be involved in a fresh tech house sound, while the melodical part are very ductile: they stimulate your creativity to build some smooth and deep flows but also a punchy melodical techno.

Expect to find  60 drum loops divided in Full loop / nokick / and perc; 20 attention- grabbing dub percussion loops, 35 deep bass loops at 124 bpm,  30 melodies at 123 bpm and 30 at 120 bpm, 34 pad loops for added variations to your track, 50 Kick shots, 50 clap shots, 50 snare shots and 50 hat shots.

30 Full loop 120 Divide in Full/noKick/Perc

30 Full Loop 124 Divide in Full/noKick/Perc

35 Bass Loop 124 

30 Music Loop 120 

30 Music Loop 123 

34 Pad 

20 Dub percussion 124 

30 Bass Shot 

25 Synth Shot 

30 Efx 

50 Kick
50 Clap
50 Snare
50 Hat