Afro House Percussion

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Some of the most primal and natural instruments are percussive.

If you are wanting that raw and rhythmic sound of “Soulful House” like artists such as: Echo Deep, Black Coffee, Sir LSG, Harry Romero etc.  Well House of Loop has this pack for You based on the House Music style that can be traced back to South Africa.

Because the sound of Afro House is based on the bare rhythmic essentials; so too is this pack.  Included are a Ton of Percussion loops in the style of the genre.

65 Percussion only Loops at 122 BPM, 75 Percussion Only Loops at 124 BPM, and lastly 94 Percussion Loops at 123 BPM.

Why Afro House? Why not Afro House? It is not just a niche genre that can be found in South Africa, It can be heard more frequently in areas like Amsterdam and Dubai.  So, it is not just region-specific.

As well, a strong point to having Afro House in your arsenal of House of Loop packs is the fact that the style is not as widely used. Therefore, you can help make it more popular and there could be less likelihood that other artists are spinning your sound in your local clubs (if you work in a live setting).

So what are you waiting for? This unique Percussion Loop Only pack is ready to awaken some Soulful House vibes into your creations. Get the Percussion Loop Only Afro House Percussion pack today!

*Drums, basses and music in the product demo are not included in the actual pack product and are just to show what could be done with the pack.

  • 241.6 MB
  • 65 Percussion Loops 122 BPM
  • 94 Percussion Loops 123 BPM
  • 75 Percussion Loops 124 BPM

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