Percussion Bundle

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This bundle includes all the hand percussion sounds you need, including bongos, congas, shakers, clave, timbales, maracas, cajon, guiro, and cowbell. It has over 1500 percussion loops in total.

These loops, played by renowned Italian drummer Lorenzo Cozzarin, were captured at 24 bit, 44100 Hz, using the greatest equipment we had at our disposal.

This enormous bundle with a ridiculous discount is available for a short period of time only and includes 6 percussion packs from our collection, including of our Best Sellers.

This amazing deal must not be missed! Purchase it right away to have our top-notch percussion loops working in your newest creation!

*Drums, basses and music in the product demo are not included in the actual pack product and are just to show what could be done with the pack.

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