Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use The Samples?

If you Legally purchase any of the loops or products from,, then you can use the loops mixed in with any of your compositions. However, You Cannot claim they are yours without your incorporating other sounds to an extent to where it sounds different than the original. As long as it is altered with other instruments or sounds You are good to go! If there would ever be anything different, it will be clearly noted on the website.
You cannot use the sounds to make: another sample CD, sound effects on a website, or multimedia production, etc. – Unless it is part of a composition with other sounds.

Once I pay for the loop and I sell the work can I legally keep any profit?

Yes You sure can. When you buy the loop and customize it or use clips from the one You purchased in your own work, then that is it. You would then own that as your mix and can Go Ahead and be as successful as You like with the finished product! Once you buy the loop and alter it to a certain extent, you would own the rights to that work. If it gets chosen for radio, television, or internet play You would be All Set! Feel free to let us know as we take pride in Your successes and let others know where You got Your loops from!

How do I show proof that the samples or edited loops I used are in fact mine?

Great question! We at House of Loop advise that You keep your receipt (in any format) to show that You had purchased the content originally that was later altered in Your way. If for some reason a sample may require more than that or authorization from the artist, it will be clearly noted in the description. As well, feel free to contact Us with proof and We will provide a copy if you purchased it and misplaced the receipt or file, etc. No worries.

Wow. That all sounds so great, how can I pay for a loop?

We take all major debit or credit cards along with PayPal.

I tried to purchase a loop but my card was not recognized or rejected, why is that?

It may be for multiple reasons, but if the issue was due to the use of a particular card, it may be due to a restriction imposed by PayPal security. For example, if the card You used is not normally used in that manner, or if it was used more frequently than is normal in a set amount of time. That would trigger an alert or alarm for the card. In that case, You can also pay directly through PayPal, via the PayPal Pro Express option. If you have any issues feel free to contact us and we will solve the issue and get You back to making music as quickly as possible!

Hey, I just bought a loop or sample, but I haven’t gotten it in my email?

First off, Our apologies. Secondly, sometimes it would depend on your connection or internet. Try waiting a little while for the email to go through. Also, we advise you to Check Your Spam folder, it very well could have been rerouted to there another not the inbox. Thirdly, No Worries! As we said before if You have your receipt or have proof of purchase we will send you a copy of the download link or file.

Ah, so I can download a link or the file, or both?

Well, Yes You can. What we meant by that is the files will be sent to you be a clickable link or (web address) and the file would either be in the format of .Rar or .Zip (They are common formats and a program such as WinRar or free software alternatives can be found easily to open up the files, or “extract” them.) If You would need another method we will try to accommodate You as much as possible


HouseOfLoop will refund your full purchase price providing one (or more) of these conditions are met (conditions marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

For downloaded content:

  • Your bank / Paypal account was illegally charged (fraud)
  • You provide a reasonable explanation why the refund needs to be made.
  • The zip file has not been downloaded. *

We cannot refund you any monies where you have accessed the sounds when downloading the zip.


A refund is eligible for 60 days from the date of purchase (found in your Order Confirmation Email).

Whenever you feel there is a particular condition which qualifies you for a refund, look through our FAQ section and then contact our support staff at [email protected] . Please be sure to make informed purchases. Each product is clearly labelled with what it contains and what software it requires.


Due to special pricing policies applied to bundled products (they are priced below the regular List Price) we do not refund any bundled products. Please check the products you already own to make sure you do not buy any duplicates.

* A Download counts as such when a download action is commenced (and not completed). We do not monitor the completion of the download. Each click on the download link counts as one download attempt.

Oh, alright. I do see that You have Free samples or loops? But, nothing in life is really free, right?

Well, prepare for a pleasant surprise because our Free Sample or loops are just that, FREE! The same applies in that they have to be altered to a certain extent. You would be buying the license to alter and use them just like the regular packs or loops. They are sample packs and have the bear bones of the actual packs. As well, when You purchase the full pack, the creator or artist is Supported. So, it would help them and us to have more free samples if You did buy the full version. But, You can See and Hear them All for Yourself!

Virtual Coin

For each order, you will receive 10% of your total spending in Virtual Coin. The total amount collected is shown at the top of our website as “ VIRTUAL COIN”.

You can use your Virtual Coin during checkout, just click on “ Apply Discount “ and it will be automatically applied the discount from the price you’re paying. It is as easy as that!   

If you have any more questions or need help, you can contact us via Email:

info @

We thank You for using House of Loop samples and Loops. Be sure to check the website as we always have new and exciting packs and samples!