Techno Vibe

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A feeling is something that one inherently senses deep in their being. There are those folks that claim it is”energy” or an unseen force that catches ones attention. This pack deals with such energy.

“Techno Vibe” by House of Loop is going to catch Your attention because it is a supercharged Techno pack that is comprised of the following:

25 Drum Loops that are at 130BPM and divided in: Hi-Hat only for that defined Techno sound, Full kit, No kick or bass drum, Percussion Only, and Strip.  49 Bass Line loops Resonating and on the beat.  36 Synth Loops that are almost hypnotic and will electrify your compositions, 13 Acid 303 Loops to instil more opportunity in making an impression and creating something different.  30 FX loops that can be the catalyst to new ideas and possibilities.  25 Filtered Loops to generate an interesting surge to this pack.  24 Bass shots that are ready to add a radiating element to select points in your creations.  27 Synth Shots that are ready to charge up the energy in any setting.  20 each of these: Clap Shots to add to the intensity of the feeling when needed, Hat Shots to accentuate that pure Techno essence, Kick shots which can change the course or trajectory of your electronic sound-waves, Ride Shots for that subtle difference that can impact on what kind of ambiance one wants in the song or more tone options.  19 Percussion Shots in various stylings to allow variations in the rhythmic phrasing.  18 Ride Loops and 20 Ride Shots as well as 5 Battery Drum Sampler Patches to supercharge the aura of this pack and 56 Synth, Drum & Bass Sampler Patches for ex24, Kontakt, and NNXT.

This pack is sure to entice your audience and feel your Vibes providing you new options to utilize the pure Essence of Techno.

So, you will be sure to go with the Flow of Techno Vibe, today!

  • 480MB
  • 25 drum loop 130BPM divided in Full, Nokick, Hat, Perc and Strip 13 acid 303 loop
  • 49 bass line
  • 36 synth loop
  • 18 ride loop
  • 25 filtered loop
  • 24 bass shot
  • 27 synth shot
  • 20 clap shot
  • 20 hat shot
  • 20 kick shot
  • 20 ride shot
  • 19 per shot
  • 30 fx
  • 5 Battery sampler patches
  • 56 EX24 Kontakt and NNXT Soft Sampler Patches

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