Tech House Rebel

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When an artist creates their own music, they are able to put their own “spin” on it. Creating something allows the creator to be able to express themselves and in turn can leave their own “trademark parts or stamps” in a song so that it is uniquely their own.

There are many artists out there in many genres, but in the case of Tech House, the following Labels stand out: Hot Traxx, Rekids, Snatch, and Sola. This “Tech House Rebel” pack from House of Loop allows you to craft work such as theirs and yet allow you to do your own thing at the same time.

In this pack, the loops are all a steady 125 BPM.

Included are:

  • 60 Bass loops that create more foundation options for your rebellious recordings.
  • Synth Loops here help to get attention and really stand out in comparison to the bass lines.
  • 34 Vocal phrases that instil a more “call and response” element to the works. This helps to add more variety and more of a communication to your audience.
  • 30 Bass Shots that are abundant with bump and low end.  Clap shots that help to add more dance feeling as the cymbals hold that position very well,
  • Drum Loops that come in: full kit standard, hi-hats only, kick & clap only, no kick drum parts, and no percussion,
  • EFX in this pack helps to create a good transition and atmosphere
  • Hat Shots that cut well through the mix and are very clear and crisp as is the whole pack,
  • The Kick Shots have a warm low and all are perfect for this genre
  • Percussion Shots here are tasteful and add more “character” to the pack. You can do whatever You wish with it all, You Rebel.
  • Synth Shots add more depth and style to this pack. They definitely catch the listener’s attention and allow that shift from the steady bass, which creates that rebellious “In Your Face” kind of a mood.

Also included are 6 Battery sampler patches, 58 EXS24 sampler patches, 58 Kontant sampler patches and 58 NNXT sampler patches.

So, get ready to “Blaze your own trail” with the fundamental loops in the styling’s of: Hot Traxx, Rekids, Snatch, and Sola. Do this with the “Tech House Rebel” pack by House of Loop today!

  • 1.02 GB
  • 125 BPM
  • 30 drum loops divided in full/hats/kick&clap/no kick/perc
  • 60 bass loops
  • 30 pad loops
  • 60 synth loops
  • 34 Vocal Loops
  • 30 efx
  • 30 bass shots
  • 30 synth shots
  • 30 kick shots
  • 30 hat shots
  • 30 per shots
  • 30 clap shots
  • 6 Battery sampler patches
  • 58 EXS24, Kontakt & NNXT sampler patches

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