Synthwave Delight

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As you may know, Synthwave has drawn influences from the 1980’s soundtracks and video games and deals with a more cinematic approach to song structures.

Now thanks to House of Loop, You too can direct your music with similar influences via this Synthwave Delight pack!

This pack goes in-depth to give you an honest Synthwave sound using gear like Dr 220, Elka drum machines, Moog Voyager, Linndrum drum machines, Poly Evolver, Polysix, Sh 101 and SP12, all the sounds are baked on Ampex ATR 102 and EL Fatso!! Enough about the gear, here is the Delightful amount of contents in this House of Loop, Synthwave pack.

Included are the following that can evoke retro, futuristic, or a combination of both in your compositions.

30 Drum Loops with that 80’s processed studio vibe hitting heavy at 110BPM in Clap & Kick only, Full drum kit, Hi-Hat only, No kick drum at all, and then Percussion alone.

26 ARP Loops at 110BPM, 45 Bass Loops reverberating with power at 110BPM, 10 Chord loops at 110BPM, 26 Pad Loops at 110BPM, 27 Synth Loops at 110BPM which make for the melodies that are a large part of the music or can be used as you wish.

10 FX, 20 Bass Shots, 20 Synth Shots that can take center stage or add that distinguishable touch to your music ideas.

7 clap shots that are as pronounced as the snare strikes, 21 Hi-Hat Shots that have that modern crisp sound. 19 Kick Shots ready to add more force to the bumping bass, 40 Percussion Shots, 22 Snare Shots with that explosive reverb attack iconic to the 80’s, 59 Midi Loops ready to take your listeners on a future-retro adventures.

So, you can now Delight your listeners and yourself with Synthwave creations even if you didn’t step out of the 80s from a DeLorean with “The Doc” and or a scientist named Rick. Delight in the Synthwave vibes today.

  • 833MB
  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 30 drum loops divided in Full, Hat, Perc, No kick, Kick & Clap
  • 26 Arp loops
  • 45 Bass
  • 10 Chord
  • 26 Pad Loops
  • 27 Synth Loops
  • 10 FX
  • 20 Bass Shots
  • 20 Synth Shots
  • 7 Clap shots
  • 21 Hat shots
  • 19 Kick Shots
  • 40 Percent Shots
  • 22 Snare Shots
  • 59 Midi Loops
  • 5 Battery Sampler patches
  • 45 EXS Sampler patches
  • 45 NNXT Sampler patches
  • 45 KONTAKT Sampler patches