Sound Trap Hip Hop

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It seems like nowadays a good Hip-Hop and Trap song does not only have to have good flow and delivery, but also requires instrumentals that one can flow on with a steady beat behind it. For someone that is looking for a solid beat and plenty of room to add whatever they could wish, the “House of Loop Sound Trap Hip-Hop” pack has that for You.
While it has plenty of room to change, the pack has the more rapid hi-hat that can be found in the music of artists like: Asher Roth, Lil Dicky, and Kanye West, etc. Included in there are: motion pads, arps, long synths, bass loops, and drum loops all in different bpm and music keys labeled. This all adds a new element to this pack and can create a different atmosphere from the other packs. Of course, there is that 808 bass that many love, coursing through like a “Hip-Hop heartbeat.”
The touch of the pad sounds, provide an almost organic touch to the tracks. It can also allow You to convey more emotions in Your music.
With the Hip-Hop and Trap pack all You need is to supply Your touches to bring Your project to life.

• 15 drum loop bpm from 70 to 130
• full drum
• options to have no kick
• hat variations

• 11 folders divided in bpm from 70 to 140 bpm with: bass loops, key loops, piano loops, arp loops, bell loops, and atmo loops

• 17 BASS loops with 110BPM
• 17 BASS loops with 117BPM
• 19 LONG SYNTH loops at 117BPM
• 17 PAD’s at 110BPM
• 30 SYNTH loops at 110BPM
• 19 SYNTH loops at 117BPM

• 20 claps
• 20 closed hats
• 20 kicks
• 20 snares
• 20 open hats