Organic Micro House

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If You are wanting to expose Your Audience to House and Minimal music don’t worry  House of Loop has the right pack for you! Inspired by dj’s like Cabanne, Fumiya Tanaka, and Seuil. And labels such as Minibar. Let House of Loop provide you the instruments that will hone Your sounds so that others can view the wonders of the Organic Micro House!Dial it up with: 20

  • Drum Loops divided in Full/Nokick/Hat/Perc/Kick & clap.
  • While minimalism deals with what isn’t said, it also places a lot of emphasis on what IS SAID.
  • 20 bass loops at tasteful and polished levels will allow there to be more quality after the iconic empty segments for effect.
  • 46 Synth Loops that draw Your listener in the manner of Your choosing and will make it count.
  • 34 Texture Loops. With the emphasis on pauses, You want to make sure when that is music, that Your listener will find it very appealing.
  • 43 Organic Perc Loops. Here is where this varies from other similar packs. The percussion parts here have a more loose and natural feel to them.
  • 15 Music Shots. Yet again, these will make sure that Your listener is impacted by what is played.
  • 20 Bass Shots. Further round out your bass with warmth or maybe more of a metallic feel, that is Your call.
  • 28 Clap Shots. Dance music can always use some organic time keepers. What is more organic, than the human hand in this case?
  • 20 Hat shots. House music has its iconic hi-hats, here is no exception. Where the melding of the two is quite strong.
  • 20 Kick shots. With the power to tweak your resonance of the kicks, Now, you have more say on what kind of a kick it will be. Make Your bass leave Your signature sound when it hits Your audience’s ears.
  • 31 Percussion shots. Minimalism tends to have just the essentials. And You want to have every bit of options when it comes to what is heard. This allows more of that.
  • 20 Efx shots will try to ensure more of a lasting impression on Your listeners.
  • 4 Battery Sampler Patches
  • 39 EXS24 Sampler Patches
  • 39 NN XT Sampler Patches
  • 39 Kontakt Sampler Patches

Now You can put the magnifier on Minimalism thanks to House of Loop. Expose more of Your audience to something that might have been invisible to them previously. Put more Organic sounding House and Minimalism out from under the micro works and into your Macro works, today!

  • 20 Drum Loop  divided in Full/nokick/hat/Perc/kick&clap
  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 46 Synth Loops
  • 34 Texture Loops
  • 43 Organic Perc Loops
  • 15 Music Shots
  • 20 Bass Shots
  • 28 Slap Shots
  • 20 Hat Shots
  • 20 Kick Shots
  • 31 Percussion Shots
  • 4 Battery Sampler Patches
  • 39 EXS24 Sampler Patches
  • 39 NN XT Sampler Patches
  • 39 Kontakt Sampler Patches

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