Melodic House Techno Serum Presets

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Introducing the Melodic House Techno Serum Presets Pack, meticulously crafted and presented by HouseofLoop. 

Elevate your productions to new heights with this comprehensive collection of 50 Serum presets designed to infuse your tracks with captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms, and rich textures, these sounds have been used to create one of our best selling melodic techno sample pack

Melodic House Techno 2

Inside this pack, you’ll find:

– Arp Presets: Mesmerizing arpeggiated sequences that add depth and movement to your compositions.

– Bass Presets: Deep and resonant basslines that provide the foundation for your tracks.

– Chord Presets: Harmonic progressions that add depth and complexity to your melodies.

– Lead Presets: Powerful and expressive lead sounds that cut through the mix.

– Pluck Presets: Bright and percussive plucked melodies that add sparkle to your arrangements.

– Stab Presets: Short and impactful sounds that punctuate your tracks with rhythmic accents.

– Synth Presets: Lush and atmospheric pads and textures that create a rich sonic landscape.

Additionally, the pack includes a bonus folder of MIDI files, providing endless opportunities for customization and creativity.

Presented by HouseofLoop, a trusted name in top-quality sample packs, these Serum presets are meticulously crafted to inspire and empower producers in the realms of melodic house and techno. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this pack has everything you need to bring your musical ideas to life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your productions to the next level with the Melodic House Techno Serum Presets Pack. 

Download now and unlock the full potential of your creativity!

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  • Included, Arp, Bass, Chord, Lead, Pluck, Stab, Synth
  • 112 Midi bonus folder

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