Main Techno

For you Techno purists, that want to provide an experience that encapsulates the essence of Techno with more additions compared to the previous similar House of Loop packs, here is Main Techno.
This is a more straight-forward form that focuses on the more unfiltered form of Techno.
So, let’s see what is going down in this pack mainly, and what House of Loop has going down the Pipeline.

30 Drum Loops all at 128 bpm in the forms of: Full drum set, hi-hat only, kick drum and clap only, no kick drum, and lastly percussion only.  30 contrasting Synth Loops at 127 bpm that can allow more versatility, 30 more aggressive Synth Loops at 128 bpm, 30 pounding Bass Loops at 127 bpm, 30 more aggressive Bass Loops at 128 bpm, 30 Pad Loops at 127 bpm, 20 clean and bumping Bass Shots, 20 more Synth Shots which can be used to alter the flow of Your musical works, 20 loud and crisp Hi-Hat Shots, 20 clear Kick Shots, 20 heavy resounding Ride Shots, 20 warm Snare Shots, 20 segmented Clap Shots in various patterns of three and then one, etc. These could be manipulated at your will.  20 Percussion Shots, 30 efx, 6 Battery Sampler Patches, 46 NNXT Sampler Patches, 46 EXS24 Sampler Patches and 46 KONTAKT Sampler Patches.

There is a lot going on in this pack, which couples well with the other Techno packs from House of Loop.
So, get ready and Dive right into this Main Techno, today!

  • 30 drum loop 128bpm divided in Full/nokick/perc/Hat/Kick&CLcap
  • 30 bass loops 127
  • 30 bass loops 128
  • 30 pad loops 127
  • 30 synth loops 127
  • 30 synth loops 128
  • 20 hat shots
  • 20 kick shots
  • 20 clap shots
  • 20 snare shots
  • 20 ride shots
  • 20 percent shots
  • 20 bass shots
  • 20 synth shots
  • 30 efx shots
  • 6 Battery Sampler Patches
  • 46 NNXT Sampler Patches
  • 46 EXS24 Sampler Patches
  • 46 KONTAKT Sampler Patches

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