Lo-Fi Bundle

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House of Loop is proud to present this incredible Lo-Fi Bundle! 

Piano, Rhodes, drum loops, one-shots, sampler patches, sax, pads, and much more are included in this fantastic collection.

Lo-Fi Rhodes  

This sample pack was created using the Rhodes Mk I e Rhodes Mk II  models, two of the most popular variations of this electric piano, each notable for its unique sonic signature.

Lo-Fi Piano

In This collection expected to find 50 Piano Chord and Solo, 50 Piano Chords, and 50 Piano Solo, all files are labeled with key and bpm.

Lo-fi Chill Guitars 

This sample pack features a selection of acoustic chords, as well as solo/lead parts. In addition, you’ll also find some smooth electric guitar chords and some amazing clean leads with a chill flavor.


Work in the box like many other music producers out there. You should definitely consider expanding your collection of samples with some options that capture that unique warmth and edge that is commonly associated with great analog equipment saturation, tapes, and lo-res speakers, some of the most fundamental elements of the lo-fi sound.

Jazz Chill Beats

This sample pack contains 30 drum loops, perfect for that minimalistic, slightly lo-fi tone. In addition to that, the sound samples are also available as one-shots, so you can build your own patterns with some juicy hats, kicks, snares, and various other percussion elements. 

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