House R&B & Disco Vol.1

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Undoubtedly, rhythm or the concept is a part of all music. You may know, there is a genre of music called Rhythm & Blues, which is a smooth kind of “seductive music” that often deals with love and relations. Both of these genres are synonymous with the 70’s and 80’s eras.

A number of club-goers are at clubs to dance and get close to others.

If You want to assist in getting your listeners close in live venues or to make music for DJ’s that seek to do that, this pack is for you.

Artists such as: Disclosure, Kaytranada, Mura Masa, UTern & Oligee / Oliver, Patlok, and etc. Maybe, Dirty Vegas and Daft Punk have used these as well.

In order to warm those bodies up and get them together, this pack contains these pulsing and bumping loops at 110bpm: 22 drum loops that are not overpowering but flow well with the softer music for the R&B and have more attack for the Disco style, 34 smooth and funky to bluesy bass lines, 15 guitar wah parts that add atmosphere and funk with that 70’s-80’s vibe, 35 of the 70’s and 80’s reminiscent synth loops to give it that vibe of the time periods.

For the faster more dance-able parts there are the following at 120bpm: 22 faster and more fun drum loops, 15 more dance-able and funky bass loops, 12 perhaps more rock influenced wah parts as that was popular at the time as well, 47 synth parts that are pivotal and iconic to those styles of music that could maybe lend itself to fans that appreciate the faster dance music.

To make sure that the pack is complete there are the following (often used in Disco and Pop music): 20 clap shots, 20 hat shots, 15 percussion shots, 10 kick-drum beats, 18 bass shots 39 synth shots, 24 foleys, and 20 EFX parts.

So, get the club close with this pack that will make you want to get your “Sunglasses at night” and get the “Boogie Fever” or get you to curl up next to your “sweet thang”

This versatile pack can be Yours today.

  • 605 MB
  • 22 drum loop 110
  • 22 drum loop 120
  • 34 bass loop 110
  • 15 bass loop 120
  • 15 guitar Wah 110
  • 12 guitar wah 120
  • 35 synth loop 110
  • 47 synth 120
  • 20 clap shot
  • 20 hat shot
  • 10 kick
  • 15 perc shot
  • 18 bass shot
  • 39 synth shot
  • 24 foley
  • 20 efx
  • 4 Battery
  • 61 EXS24
  • 61 Kontakt
  • 61 NN XT

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