House R&B and Disco Vol.2

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You Should be acquainted with House R&B and Disco Vol. 1 but if not check it out!. 

Disco and R&B are both very dance-able forms of music, while Disco can be thought of as being a more upbeat form, R&B has slower grooves.

Yes, thanks to House of Loop, the two are “Back Together Again” with House Music.

From the soulful melodies to the infectious beats that will make your listeners get on the floors.

Included are:

Drum Loops at 110 BPM and 115BPM in the forms of: Claps with Bass drums that get the dancing started.  Full drum kit, Hi-Hat only (which lends well to the Disco side of the spectrum), No bass drum whatsoever (here this can create a more down-tempo atmosphere that could go well with R&B) Percussion only.

30 Bass Loops at 110BPM to make your fans want to Bump and Grind either on the love-seat or on the dance-floor.  30 Bass Loops at 115BPM, 16 Pad Loops at 110BPM, 17 Pad Loops at 115BPM, 31 Synth Loops at 110BPM,  31 Synth Loops at 115BPM.

29 EXTRA Loops that include: ARP, EFX, Guitars, and Snare Fills!  20 EFX Shots to create changes in your music mood.

20 Kick Shots that blend in well with the bass loops for that Smooth vibe with Presence)

20 Hat Shots that can lend themselves to Disco or R&B (from the ones with more attack to the more subtle)

20 Drum Clap Shots that lend well isolated for slower tempos and then can be combined for faster tempos.

20 Percussion Shots, 20 Bass Shots for bumping and grooving with smooth warm tones

This Pack is a Double Dose of Rhythm in the 110BPM (more for the R&B) and then in the 115BPM (more Disco-inclined)

House of Loop has done it Again! Get this pack to make Smooth Grooves and then switch it up so that your fans and yourself will be, “Stayin’ Alive”

*** Be sure to couple “House, R&B and Disco Vol.1” using the discount code included with this one for a Huge catalog of both flavors with the reliable central point of House Music.

  • 16 drum loops 110 bpm divided in Full/Nokick/hat/Perc/Kick&Clap
  • 17 drum loops 115 bpm divided in Full/Nokick/hat/Perc/Kick&Clap
  • 30 bass loops 110 bpm
  • 30 bass loops 115 bpm
  • 17 pad loops 115 bpm
  • 16 pad loops 110 bpm
  • 31 synth loops 110 bpm
  • 31 synth loops 115 bpm
  • 29 Extra loops, guitars, arp, efx and snare fills 20 Efx shots
  • 20 kick shots
  • 20 hat shots
  • 20 drum clap shots 20 percent shots
  • 20 bass shots
  • 4 Battery Sampler patches
  • 61 Kontakt 5 Sampler patches
  • 61 NNXT Sampler patches

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