Cabasa, Tambourine, Shaker, Triangle, and Woodblock SAMPLE LOOPS SAMPLE PACK

High Percussion Collection

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mmerse yourself in the rhythmic world of percussion with the High Percussion Collection from HouseofLoop. 

This comprehensive collection features an array of essential percussive elements, including Cabasa, Tambourine, Shaker, Triangle, and Woodblock. 

Each sound is meticulously recorded to bring depth, texture, and energy to your tracks.

With a consistent tempo of 123 BPM and delivered in high-quality WAV format at 24-bit 44100Hz, these percussion samples are ready to drop seamlessly into your productions. 

Whether you’re adding subtle accents or driving rhythms, the High Percussion Collection provides the perfect sonic toolkit for enhancing your music.

Presented by HouseofLoop, a leading provider of premium sample packs, this collection embodies our commitment to delivering top-tier sounds that inspire creativity and elevate your productions. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to infuse your music with the vibrant energy of the High Percussion Collection. 

Download now and take your tracks to new heights!

bass, hi-hat, and drums from the demo song are not included, for demonstration only.

Get The Free shaker, tambourine, traingle Loops Sample Taster Pack!

  • 44 CABASA 123 BPM
  • 44 SHAKER 123 BPM
  • 44 TRIANGLE 123 BPM
  • 44 WOODBLOCK 123 BPM

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