Get the Free Handpan Afro House Loops sample taster pack!

Handpan Afro House Music

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Introducing the Ultimate Handpan Sample Pack for Afro House Enthusiasts!

If you’re a music producer looking for high-quality handpan samples to create mesmerizing beats, then look no further! Houseofloop has just released a brand new handpan sample pack that’s perfect for genres like Afro House and Deep House.

Our handpan sample pack features a whopping 280 loops in total, with 6 different keys and variations to choose from: C, Cm, D, Dm, F, Fm.

Each loop has been carefully crafted and recorded at 24 bit 44100Hz to ensure top-notch sound quality. 

These wave files are the perfect addition to your music production library, allowing you to create unique and captivating sounds that will elevate your tracks to the next level.

Our handpan sample pack is suitable for producers of all levels and is easy to use. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, you’ll find our loops to be versatile and flexible, allowing you to create music that truly stands out.

So why wait? Elevate your productions to the next level with Houseofloop’s handpan sample pack.

Get the Free Handpan Afro House Loops sample taster pack!

  • 42 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – C
  • 49 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – Cm
  • 52 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – D
  • 51 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – Dm
  • 36 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – F
  • 50 HANDPAN LOOPS 120 – Fm

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