Electronic vocal Collection

Electronic Vocal Collection

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When one deals with creating beats or instrumental music, the idea of how the music could apply to lyrics or vocals might resound through your mind. Well, Wait No Longer. The “HL Electronic Vocal Collection” will do just that. It can be paired up with Industrial music, but can be used in any composition. The choice is Yours.

The pack includes robotic voices in a range of styles including male and female. While the “Industrial Noise & FX” pack dealt with the human condition, this can be thought of as dealing with the more robotic in that the voices sound that way and tend to repeat themselves in the loops. You can use any part of this pack (see the specs below) in Many varying ways. Aside from many techno or industrial artists, projects like: KMFDM, Ministry, The Alan Parson’s Project, E.L.O., and others have used similar vocoders.

• 27 Female Distorted Vocals
• 60 Female Vocal Vocoders
• 29 Male Vocals Distorted
• 45 Male Vocal Vocoders
• 20 Male Vocoder Shots

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