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Dark Dub Techno

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Welcome to the immersive world of Dark Dub Techno with our latest sample pack. Delve into the depths of sound and atmosphere with a meticulously crafted collection of loops and one-shots designed to transport your productions to the cutting edge of electronic music.

Included in this pack are 20 full loops, providing complete arrangements at a brooding 114 BPM. Complementing these are 19 clap loops, 19 perc loops, and 20 hat loops, each contributing to the rhythmic foundation of your tracks. 

For the low end, explore 38 bass loops that groove alongside 47 synth loops that add layers of texture and intrigue. 

Elevate your compositions further with 47 pad loops, offering ethereal atmospheres and evolving soundscapes.

To add punch and depth to your tracks, we’ve included 20 bass shots, 20 kick shots, 20 hat shots, and 20 clap shots. 

These one-shots are perfect for layering, programming your own rhythms, or adding accents to your arrangements.

Presented by HouseofLoop, a trusted name in top-quality sample packs, this Dark Dub Techno sample pack is the culmination of our dedication to delivering sounds that inspire creativity and innovation. 

Whether you’re crafting immersive soundscapes, driving rhythms, or experimenting with new textures, this pack provides the tools you need to bring your musical visions to life.

Download the Dark Dub Techno sample pack today and unlock a world of sonic possibilities for your productions. 

Let the darkness guide you to new creative heights.

Get The Free Sample Pack Taster Pack!

  • 20 FULL LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 19 CLAP LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 19 PERC LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 20 HAT LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 38 BASS LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 47 SYNTH LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 47 PAD LOOPS 114 BPM
  • 20 HAT SHOTS

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