Art Of Us

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ART OF US is a sample pack with a particular focus on melodic techno brought to you by ZNL Production

When it comes to production, this is perhaps one of the genres that’s most difficult to really nail in terms of sound design. 

The melodic layers need to be rich and nuanced, and without the right palette of sound, details can get lost in the mix. 

Thankfully, this sample pack provides everything a producer could possibly ever need in order to create some of the best melodic techno tracks out there. 

The drums and percussion samples are very dynamic and crisp, and they are cleverly organized in loop libraries, making it it so easy to find what you need without having to browse through a disorganized mess of files. 

Everything is seamlessly arranged by bpm, allowing for easy categorization by tempo. 

The bass, chords and lead melodic loops are just as well-arranged in the sample pack, and more importantly, each sound is articulate and textural. 

This is a great way to add an extra spice to your music, and the huge sounds on tap are truly remarkable. 

There are dozens of samples and loops to choose from, and the creative possibilities are endless.

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  • 15 CLAP LOOP 126 BPM  
  • 22 HAT LOOP 126 BPM 
  • 25 KICK LOOP 126 BPM
  • 32 PERC LOOP 126 BPM
  • 40 TOP LOOP 126 BPM   
  • 30 BASS LOOPS 126 BPM
  • 10 CHORD LOOPS 126 BPM
  • 25 LEADS LOOPS 126 BPM
  • 19 PAD LOOPS 126 BPM
  • 15 VOCAL LOOPS 126 BPM
  • 15 EFX

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